About the Author;

          Kristi S. Fisher is a licensed Cosmetologist and passionate Community Development Advocate. Serving over 8 years in the Beauty Industry , and nearly 9 years in Ministry. Soaring in the Face of Fear was created so our readers can know that no matter what circumstance has come their way, We are not alone. Life can be challenging, but together, by God’s Grace, we can beat fear step by step, and day by day. 


          There are so many seasons in our lives, and each one requires an act of obedience to our Father’s will. In some seasons, we are required to be still, while others, we are called to take a leap of faith into the new and the unknown. No matter what season you are in,  you can have the Victory by Trusting God. Walk with me as I learn how to let go of fear and control and Trust in the God of Miracles. 

-Much Love

The Proof of Trusting God is Peace.  Let’s Soar high as we walk by Faith in the Face of Fear.


“BE STILL & KNOW I AM GOD.” Psalm 46:10




A Ministry     3.27.14


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