Don’t be distracted, Look up! There’s someone near you that may need what you have  to give.


Yes, Give. Imagine a life not solely centered on self. Yes that’s correct; a life that’s main  focus is to be the best version of yourself by helping others succeed. I was listening on the radio the other day about how the statistics of depression and anxiety have elevated. In a world that has the most materialistic advances, America is one of the unhappiest countries. Why? Because we’ve become lazy, unhealthy, uncaring, self righteous, self centered, and yes, all in that order. (not really)

But just like me, there’s many of you who dream of change. There’s many of you who want to make a difference, but the only difference that seems to be the only way is becoming Instagram Famous or YouTube Popular. So, instead of causing a ripple effect, many navigate to the norm and somehow lose their fire and desire to make a difference.

Instead of becoming the drizzle, many decide it would be safer to blend in with the other rain drops, all going the same direction. This is when views and likes become the main concern. Now, the main concern is to look good and look like you’re a hero, instead of actuality being one.

If you want to make a difference, or change, you have to be the change you wish to see. Yes, you and I both have seen and heard this quote, I’m sure a million times, but change doesn’t happen over night. Its more like a seed planted that eventually turns into a tree.

Example: There’s a man or woman on the street that is homeless and helpless, maybe even lacking the will power to help themselves, what do you do? Well the first thing most us do is either bash the person negatively, hope for their best, or say man, if i had a business to help them , I would.

By doing so, we strip ourselves  of the power to create change NOW.

Why not reach out to the person and give them a kind word, or spend 15-20 min asking them about their day, or point them in the right direction; maybe even buy them lunch…. NOW, i know what you’re thinking. Some people take advantage of kindness, and some people are dangerous. Yes, this is true. This is why praying never fails. Ask God for wisdom, understanding, and discernment on each scenario. And sometimes just by calling the police and reporting someone needing help, etc can start a ripple effect.

 Most of the time, we find ourselves complaining over something God gave us the eye and the power to change.. LOOK UP, DIG DEEPER, TAKE AUTHORITY.

What step can you take today? What ACTION can you take to make a difference?


to be continued….