Look up Child


Lord, where are you now? ….I hear you say , ” Look up Child” ‘

Today, I’ve never felt so happy and free. I finally got a Henna tattoo. Something I’ve been wanting for the longest. I got a design on my neck and a design on my arm/hand.

I asked the lady what was the meaning behind the Henna tattoo. She said in her culture, it was a symbol of happiness. People got the tattoo on special occasions, especially marriage.

It’s a mixture of leaves with water and a few other ingredients. The mixture is drawn on you and it sits to dry. When it becomes a crust, it peels off and leaves a stain. The stain gets darker by morning . Don’t ask me how !πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈI’m amazed too!!

But, I may make this a regular thing and eventually permanent. When the weather gets warmer, I may be getting one on my leg. I had a car accident several years ago, and I’ve always wanted leaves surrounding it. 🍁 🍁🌿🌿

Leaves to me symbolize The Almighty’s Spirit. Kinda like in Pocahontas.

El Shaddai is more than enough.

Can you find HIS Name in there? 😊