Career Minded; Purpose Driven


I attended a seminar last week in Downtown Little Rock. I had been invited by one of my clients at the salon. When I tell you the fire and passion that was awaken in me was long over due, I tell you the truth!

Why work for money when you can work for purpose? What chase money, when you can chase PASSION & PURPOSE?

If Passion and Purpose are fueling you, 9/10 you are on the right track. As long as those passions are given from God. How do you know they’re from God ? You’ll know because it’s SO MUCH BIGGER THAN YOU.

You’ll know because YOU WILL HAVE TO PRAY FOR THE STEPS TO BE REVEALED & God will whisper a small word or phrase to you… “leap” or “trust me”.

so, What are you waiting for ? Go after what God has placed in your Heart. 2019 will be the year of RISK TAKING, The year of UNMEASURED FAITH! The year of Trusting God with all you got and knowing that He got you 110% 😉