#hashtag; I’m Really Not All That!

First of all, let me just say I learn so much when I sit down and shut up.

When I am working as a Substitute Teacher, I  thought I  had to be the one to start every conversation, but the Spirit of God lives not only in Kristi, but in his other children as well. God knows us and calls us by name before we ere even in our Mother’s Womb. (I heard this this morning from one of the students) 🙂

Today, I  sat still and listened to the conversations of our students.

This morning I could  finally think about how Good God is, and not only because of what He has done for me, but because of Who He is. He is an awesome all knowing all wise God. There’s so much peace in seeking His presence and His approval, not this world’s.

It’s been a while, since I remembered this.

Do you ever notice when you’ve gotten into a trap? Not just any trap; the trap of working aimlessly and living aimlessly drifting further and further away from your eternal worth in Christ.

Well, I have. I fell into the trap of making money, and being self sufficient, trying to fit into a box of “society”s greatest.” Let me tell you, I get greater worth and fulfillment by acknowledging That I am nothing without God. What would it profit a man if he gains the whole world and looses his soul?

I was driving home the other day after coming from Seasons of Unity’s Sewing workshop, and I remember thinking, “Wow, I’m really not all that!” It hit me just like that!

After surviving a bad relationship  years ago, I build myself up with the blocks of “stay busy” “be a workaholic,” “success is in money”, “say no to friends,” “God loves me, not you, unless you’re like me.” etc…

At this point in life,where I am today, as I let loose of the hold to control my destiny, I begin to unravel, and the jewel and the gifts that are in me are finally starting to shine through. As I unravel, I realize, that even if/when I do become successful, it wont just be (me), it will be (we).

That’s how God works. God blesses His children not so they can say “me, me, me, I, I, I.” He puts us in blessed positions and circumstances so that we can bless others. Just like the Dream Works animated movie, “Joseph King OF Dreams”. God rose Joseph up as King to help save a nation under God.

Can I Vent:

So, confessions of a workaholic, I’m not really all that  without my Savior. My hope is in Jesus. He keeps me alive. He is my life source, my bread and butter. It is well with my soul. Life is good. I will not run nowhere fast. Jesus help! ❤