Not Without Persecution

Do they look at you from a distance? Do they exclude you from their side conversations? When you walk into the room, do they whisper little things about you? Do they leave you out on purpose?


Luke 6:22-23 states that “Blessed are you when men hate you,  when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil, because of the son of man. Rejoice in the day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in heaven. For that is how their fathers treated the prophets.”

Growing up, I was always the quiet one. I did well in 1:1 settings, but I never fit in the crowd. Over the years, I began to think something was wrong with me because I didn’t enjoy doing or talking about the things that others did or discussed.

It  kinda took a tole on me and I got to a dark place. I decided to fit in and do what everyone else wanted of me. Hey, it made them happy, right? I mean why not just have fun, its normal right?…

WRONG. We are children of the light.      … You know that saying,

“The grass is not always greener on the other side?”

Well, its true. When I found myself living to please people, bits and pieces of my soul were being ripped little by little until I no longer knew who I was. YAL, the other side is not as happy as it may seem.. Its actually dark, cold, and morbid.

When I had reached the bottom, I mean the lowest of the Low, I called out to God and he still heard my cry. Even though I had walked away from him, He was still there. There is no greater Love than the Love He has for us.  Jesus reached down and picked me up again, and now, I embrace solitude. I embrace being the weird one in the bunch, or the odd one that no one understands. It gives me room to tell about The goodness of God and How far he has brought me, and all that he is doing! He IS SO GOOD! Even when we don’t deserve it.

This day, I still have circumstances that test my faith, and my stability on the Truth of Gods word. Sometimes I fail, while other times, I’ve remained strong. In those times that I’ve fallen, I learned not to beat myself up, but to start a fresh.  God’s word says,

My mercies begin a fresh each day.” But I will not use it as an excuse to keep falling. Living righteously may feel like a long waiting period, but Is the best road to take.

Are you being brushed off and pushed to the side, maybe even overlooked? Well guess what? God SEES YOU. And this life that we live, if you live it to please him, you’re right on track.

Remember, Jesus did no wrong, he committed no sin, but what he did was tell the truth and walk in it, so some people hated him.

John 3 says “For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.

People do not like being corrected. It hurts! Point, Blank, Period.

People do not want to see you doing the right thing, because they don’t want to do the right thing. That’s why they hate the light, because their deeds are evil. Sometimes you don’t even have to correct with your mouth; sometimes, you correct with your actions. Jesus not only corrected by his words, but also by the way he lived. This created jealousy, envy, and strife among some people, but that does not matter.  Jesus knew who He was, so he did not let other’s thoughts define him.

So, I urge you. Do not let the weight of everyone’s thoughts and expectations change your foundation. Keep the faith and keep walking on the narrow road, that is where you will find Jesus. Do not give up or give in, but when you are tempted, God provides a way out; call him.

oh, and If you fall, DO NOT beat yourself up; just get back up and walk.

DO NOT think living righteously will be easy, embrace God’s word and know that He is with you, and as long as He’s pleased, WELL DONE.