If you want Something You’ve Never Had…..

You’ve got to do something you’ve never done…

Ive always wanted long hair, but my hair just seemed to never “grow”. Well, that’s what I kept telling myself, but the truth is, I’ve never had patience with my hair. 


I always cut it when I get frustrated. It was my way of therapy. It was a way of starting over and starting fresh each season, but as I look in the mirror, I’m starting to figure that I have to make a change in order to not repeat the cycle. The longest hairstyle I have ever had were locs. I kept them in for a year and three months. What changed?

I remember getting tired of the look. I didnt feel pretty anymore and in order for long valumptuois locs, I’d have to wait more years. Quite frankly, I was doing pretty well with them, but what changed?… I guess my mind did. Maybe my patience?

So, how do you make a change? I don’t know. Here is some advice from my sister who has really long hair. And yes, she yelled at me, hence the exclamation marks. Lol

1.) Don’t cut it!

2.) Let someone else do it!

3.) Try weave and different hairstyles!

4.) Force yourself not to!

5.) Patience? (This one is mine)


So, today I am on a journey to grow out my hair. No more cutting, no more relaxing. It is time to fill my bucket and stop stretching myself so thin! I will hire someone else to do it!!!!!

I wonder if I can use these same steps to get a house. I’ve never had my own house. So, maybe with a little stability and patience, I can make that happen with Gods help.

So, here goes!