My Long Lost Sister is Home!

Can we just be real?

I’m starting to find that 98% of the time  women aren’t as comfortable with each other as men are, because we are afraid of being judged.

But isnt it something …that we ourselves are the hardest critiques on that person in the mirror?

 I went to a Discussion Group today in Conway Arkansas. We had 5 women total in our group, and guess what we got to discuss?…Our Life’s story.

Its amazing that when women tell their stories, it releases a bit of an ease into the air… Like, “ok, I can do this;  I’m not alone.”

When we tell our real stories; the  dark ugly ones, friendship and strength is built. Why? Because chains connect at the weak links, not at the ones that are welded shut. There is strength in Unity; Therefore there is strength in Community.

As we went around the circle, it was finally her turn. It was the turn of the beautiful woman sitting next to me. 

I’ve heard great deals about this woman. I’ve heard all about her sorrows and regrets. Ive heard all about her shame and sins past…but….today I got to hear from her mouth bits and pieces of it all….

Her story rolled out of her heart like Broken Rose petals from Beauty and the Beast. The beauty of the great reveal was that she was still ashamed and shy to tell her story, as if she was unworthy and would be condemned by the rest of us who had gone through similar situations. 

With her head down low and her eyes half way shut looking at her hands, she confessed of the peer pressures from her so called friends back in Elementry: to lose virginity at the age of 12. 

Her two beautiful children are a blessing and she wouldn’t trade them for anything, but each day she is reminded of her mistake of giving into peer pressure by the one who gave birth to her; her mother. Abuse on top of abuse; pain on top of regret; another dysfunctional family story, except this time she is taking the steps to release the hurt and pain. My beautiful long lost sister is taking steps and recovering the wilted rose petals of a shattered heart of shame and regret.

She is picking up the pieces and starting to love herself one day at a time. And I believe next time, even greater light will shine through.

God’s Love is constant my beautiful sister.

Welcome home; I can’t wait to get to know you.