Enjoy Womanhood (part1)


What is Womanhood?


disclaimer* I am in the process of womanhood. Like, the door has just been opened, and I just stepped in!..so…Lets learn together!! 🙂 oh, and womanhood. may or may not involve a man, but it does has everything to do with your faith walk in God. ….

This is how it all went down…

I was alone at the car wash the other day and the words “womanhood” flew in like a whispering gush of wind as I was cleaning out my back trunk that was past due for a tune up!

Womanhood I thought..hmm, well that’s new!….. Its amazing how at the age of 25, I am just now starting to hear words like “spread your wings”, “womanhood”, “Seasons”, “Enjoy. Its like all the hard days and sad days are over, and the New has come. When God does a New thing, its better than what the heart has imagined and even more so than the eye has seen. God says in Isaiah to

“..Forget the former things, do not dwell in the past, see I am doing a new thing, now it springs forth. Do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” – Isaiah 43:18-20

This is my winning season! So, in this season when things seem to get hard, I pray,  “Lord, you make a way out of no way! I trust you.” 

Spread Your Wings. Girl! Get ready! It is time to soar!  You are no hatch-ling anymore! You have been chosen and equipped by God’s Holy Spirit; mature enough to fly. I never imagined the day Id say this or even experience it, but man ….it sure feels good to be at this point in life; getting ready to branch out into the unknown and into the mystery of Faith Walking. Each step is revealed in time, faith, and patience. There’s no rush, you just fly!

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Womanhood. Nothing like you’ve seen in a movie or in a book. No comparison; walking in the calling God gave YOU.  Fresh, New, Beautiful….

….. I am a woman, but growing up, I never wanted to do woman things….like talk about periods or talk about mushy gushy feelings. Ew? Like…No! My best friend growing up was my brother, so you can imagine all of the mud pies, scrapes, and bruises this little lady had. Pedicures? Who needed them? But now, something has changed like the Hilary duff song “Metamorphosis.” 

“somethings happening, things are changing soon…. I’m pushing the edge, I’m feeling it crack, and once I get out, there’s no turning back! Watching the butterfly float towards the sun, I wonder what I will become; metamorphosis…..”

Something new is happening here.The other day, my mom wanted my sisters and I to help her move the old washer out of the house and bring in the new one; usual, man work…….My mom was a single parent, so I picked up the rough edges and felt I had to be a man too. But, as I’ve been learning how to embrace my womanhood, I’m realizing that men are put on this earth with bigger muscles for a reason, and its not just to look good!

So, next thing you know, my now 26 year old brother just happens to be outside. He sees us and comes over to help! I mean literally picks the washer up like its nothing and then transports the new one into place like, too easy!  You mean we’ve been missing this our whole previous lives as we know it? It made things so easy. And so now, when my friend wants to pump my gas or tell me to stay in the car and wait until he comes back, or offer to help cut the grass, I’m like, OK, SURE. MY HERRRRRO!  I’m not a man. 😀


Before this post, I literally just realized that I was so busy trying to be a man that I missed out on the free gift of being a lady. So, Im learning how to be a lady from scratch, but not just any lady; a woman of God. I have nothing to prove anymore….. Come rescue me darling! 

Seasons. There are four different seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

You also have your life seasons, like: hell, victory, womanhood, singleness, marriage, business, children or none, retirement, dry season, etc…(in no specific order)

I Thank God that I am finally finding the beauty in life. And in these seasons, I am loving and living more and more by letting go of control and fear, and  trusting God more. I am loving the perfect imperfections and the many Life Lessons.  I have found my season and my purpose and I am rejoicing! Oh and let me tell you, in this season, do not expect to do it alone, God is orchestrating a beautiful Godly Community just for you to Flourish in. So Thank Him! In this season, don’t be afraid of asking questions or seeking godly advice, because the Lord has already gathered the ones equipped to help you, and put them right in your pathway. You are exactly where you need to be. Take your time. Be still and know that God is still God and he is working in your favor to support His Will for your lives. In this season, you wont even need those old roots or stony walls, because you’ll soar above them. Live free my sister. 🙂 Thank you Jesus!


Enjoy your Free Gift of Womanhood

God Loves you very much ❤

Seasons of Unity Video filmed by BNN Productions and co-directed by Kristi S. Fisher