I Will Stand.


I will stand

Satan thought he conquered me

Ye though I walk through the valley…

Thought he sent me my match someone who would rule over me

but today I standi will stand

I will fear no evil for God is with me

I’ve made up in my heart and in my mind to stand

With bowed knees and cuffed hands, I stand

Although the fire gets hot and things get Rough

I stand

Because the bible says “Having done all is to stand”


So after my armor has been beaten

After my shield has been bruised

After I’ve shed blood sweat and tears only for it to feel like I will lose…

My Faith will stay


My eyes Ill raise and look to the hills

My Help is here

Satan  lost

because Jesus Blood covers me

There’s Victory and Freedom at the cross

So, I will stand

and must remember to pull on Gods word

For my life he has a plan

He gives me strength over the enemy

I will stand.


-Kristi S. Fisher