Just When You Think Its Over; Think Again

This year has been pretty busy. There’s been the highs and lows of work, new relationships, family meetings, deadlines,  and just not having enough time for me, or the Almighty for that matter.

When I tell you that stress can build up, believe it. First Lady Rosalind Perkins at Disciples of Love in North Little Rock, AR preached Easter Sunday about BREAKING FREE.

She went on to say that Pressure creates Diamonds. Sometimes there’s just too much going on that gets overwhelming, and in that process, its time to Break!

When I think about Breaking, I think about an egg. When its time for the chick to hatch, he must first break the shell.  It’s time for him now to come out. It is time for the baby chick to arise; go forth; and live.  If he never breaks the shell, he will die.

Sometimes in life, in order for us to move forward, we must first LET GO or Break!. Well, what happens to all of the pieces of the shell once they’ve fallen?



Break the Shell. Just when you think its over, Think Again. ARISE, GO FORTH & LIVE my friend. In Jesus name, amen.

-Kristi S. Fisher