Submit to Who?

“I used to cringe at the thought of submitting to a man.”overflowing_submission

I used to cringe at the thought of submitting to a man.
Then as I went through certain trials, I began to see that I didn’t Trust God in that area of life because of past experiences; so in all honesty, I hadn’t fully submitted to God yet…

He began to show me how much of a runaway bride I was. I’d stay only for a little  while, and then when it got too deep or too real, I’d JET. ✌💃🔥

The Lord opened up my eyes to see that He too was the Victum of my lack of trust. He calls for Deeper Love & Deeper Fellowship/Relationship each day with us, but I hadn’t decided to fully to submit to Him…I wanted things my way. 《《As long as I could be in control》》….I wouldn’t get “hurt”.

He said, “When are you going to trust me?” & He began to Mold me as Clay.

I  began to trust God, & in my weakness, His STRENGTH was made Perfect. His Love was Made Perfect & (Fear ran away this time; Not me.)

…& He’s still working ….

Perfect Love Expels all fear.
Trust God. Grow in God’s Love & Truth.
You’re Not alone.
(Ephesians 5)