Journey with “PURPOSE”

Today, I was in town running a few errands with my mom.We were in two separate vehicles, and I followed her there. About 2 min away, I was stopped by a red light, but my mom made it through yellow.

I finally arrived. Then, I noticed something that I’ve never seen before…. in such a way.

There was large  hill that was divided by this concrete man-made dam; with a gated opening.

Now, I have been to this location several times, but today was very different.

Today, something really just grabbed my attention for it; and the way the sun was hitting on the other side, made the water waves appear  on the concrete. I told myself, “I must climb it.”

I asked the guy helping us unload my car, “If I move my car, can I climb it?” (I was going to anyway)

He smiled. & My mom answered, “Ummmm, sure….Idk.”

The man smiled, took his clipboard inside,  & carried on.


I jumped in my car and drove it over to the side, close to the hill. My mom followed. I hopped out of the car barefoot and ready to climb that Hill. There was no turning back! I was READY!

I was headed that way, and then my mom parked beside me & got out also. I smiled and walked back to her. At that moment, I knew, that I couldn’t experience this without her. I held her hand gently, and we both headed up the hill.


My mom asked me,”Why do you want to go up here? ”

I replied, “I just know that there are Hidden Riches in Secret Places.”

“I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, who summons you by name.”
Isaiah 45:3


She smiled.

As we were making it up the hill, holding on to the side of the big dam, My mom noticed flowers and bushes that she had recently been looking for. It was a whole patch of them scattered around! As soon as we reached the top and looked over…………. Breath-Taking!

I knew there was a lake/pond up & over that hill! I just knew that it was something beautiful….

I took a deep breath, and got out my phone and took  pictures. I could not stop smiling. My mom was amazed :). The pictures couldn’t even capture enough of the Beauty…The Beauty of the Moment. There were ripples in the lovely live water, sparkled by the dazzling sunlight.. There was a silky black mother duck and her babies. There was an older man in his boat, and there was a peaceful neighborhood.


There was life over the Hill 🙂



What If I had been afraid? What if I cared about looking silly in front of people?

What if I shoved off the enthusiasm/inspiration to reach for Beautiful Treasure?….Exactly.….:) Then We never would have found/experienced such a beautiful moment.

Thank you Lord for FAITH!

I’m telling you, It Is A GIFT!!! 🙂